Discount Coupons for Three Trending Kitchen Designs

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Discount Coupons for Three Trending Kitchen Designs
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To be able to create quality meals, you need a kitchen in which you feel comfortable. The right décor, the right space, and the right kitchen furniture are essential for this to be possible. The variety of choice when it comes to kitchens is immense and so it is often overwhelming when trying to find the right accessories, utilities and furniture for your kitchen. Following a kitchen design theme simplifies this, as you have a guide on what will go together and what won’t. The choice of kitchen design is highly dependent on personal taste. Make sure you avail discounts while online with Kitchen Furniture Coupons. This article presents three of the currently most trending kitchen designs to give you an idea of what is available.

1.       Rustic Kitchen :

The rustic kitchen is highly popular due to its natural look and homely charm. Wood is the dominant feature of your furniture, but it is a light wood as opposed to a dark one. A large kitchen table with four wooden chairs can be in the centre of your kitchen, and will be the main area for socialising while you’re preparing food. Copper and brass kitchenware can be used for cooking as well as for decorating the area to give the kitchen a more rustic looking feel. A large hob is an essential feature of this style of kitchen, and don’t forget that this kitchen is all about the little touches. Patterned plates with pictures of country sides or country walks can adorn the walls, and Wooden Shutters are the ideal window treatment for this style of kitchen.

2.       Contemporary Kitchen :

While the rustic kitchen is all about the finishing touches and homely details, a contemporary one is all about having a chic and sleek atmosphere. It is the minimalistic kitchen style, wherein as little kitchen related objects as possible should be on display. This is not to say that a contemporary kitchen is not used for cooking, it is simply that the utensils and appliances are hidden within the kitchen furniture and can be accessed through simply pressing a button. The sitting area in this kitchen is a sleek breakfast bench, which is a continuation of the kitchen work area. Bar stools are used to better reach this table. The color scheme of this design is a combination of black and white to create the smooth and interestingly contrasting look. Practical PVC vertical blinds are used for the windows, and there is nothing hanging from the walls.

3.       Luxury Kitchen :

This last design is a combination of the two above. A homely atmosphere is created by combining items that make you feel comfortable but which are also of the highest technological standard and quality. Bigger is always better with this design, as it is as much about showing off your kitchen as using it. An island breakfast bench the same height as contemporary’s one will be used in this design, and although the stools will be as high as the ones in the contemporary style, their design will be that of a rustic one. Darker and more expensive wood such as oak or mahogany will be used in the luxury kitchen. Again a large hob is required for this design, as well as a large refrigerator. The color scheme of this design is warm colors mixed with modern chic, meaning that the room will mostly be in warm colors, but the occasional appliance such as the refrigerator will stand out due to its contemporary coloring of metallic or silver.