Going Green with St. Patrick’s Day Sale

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Going Green with St. Patrick’s Day Sale
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With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, we look forward to dressing in green and heading out to a local bar for green beers. With St. Patrick’s Day falling on a Saturday this year, we can expect that the bars and clubs will be packed with people going all out and dressing in green from head to toe. Although many of us want to deck ourselves in green from head to toe, we might not be able to afford a green wardrobe for just one day a year, on the other hand using St Patricks Day Coupons while shopping online can make a lot of difference on your budget and make it happen.

Luckily for you, almost anyone can purchase the green clothing and accessories they will need for this special day. The key is planning in advance! If you know you want to go all out and deck yourself in green from head to toe, look for coupon codes and promotional offers specific to the day. Many retailers start rolling them out at the beginning of March, and their discount deals are usually for specific green items, such as a green fedora, necklace, or beads.

With your discount codes in hands, you might be wondering which green clothing items you should purchase for St. Patrick’s Day. Above is a sample outfit detailing how you can deck yourself out in green in honor of the St. Patrick’s Day.

To truly get into the spirit of the holiday, we want all of our clothing and accessories to be green, no matter how ridiculous it looks. After all, this is the only day in the year that we can do so (unless you include Halloween). A fashionable way to layer your outfit is to wear a green blazer or sports jacket over a green polo or button down shirt. It’s likely that you already own a green polo, but keep your eye out for promotional offers on the green blazer and green pants. If you don’t see one that will fit your budget, you can likely find these items at a thrift store.

It’s important not to forget the accessories as well! While many of us would love to include a pair of green shoes in our outfit, they can be rather pricey and certainly aren’t a necessity. However, the green, Irish themed hats and beads are a must and can be purchased at any dollar store or party supply store. You can also get a pair of green cheap sunglasses for a few dollars to fully go all out in green!

We hope these tips help you deck yourself out in green for St. Patrick’s Day. The key to doing so on a limited budget is keeping an eye out for coupon codes and discounts specific to the holiday. With some advanced planning, you can go out on St. Patrick’s Day decked in green and ready for a great time!