Some dreams do see the light of the day. Do you cherish a desire to live in a dream house where the avant-garde is equally at home with the classical? Perhaps a hand painted vase or maybe a finely chiseled figurine occupies pride of place on your mantelpiece? For us this very thought was the ‘eureka’ moment for starting Cultural Elements. The company was founded on an ideal of aesthetics combined with entrepreneurial zeal. The idea of embellishing the mundane with exquisite crafts and the cultures of the world was the driving force behind Cultural Elements. And the distance from aspiration to conviction was but a step away. Today, Cultural Elements is a full fledged ecommerce house based in New York City, catering to a clientele with a fine taste in home décor, home accessories and small furniture. We take pride in sourcing unique artifacts for people with discerning taste. You will agree that world cultures are a ‘horn of plenty’ for unique crafts. Cultural Elements is proud to showcase indigenous creativity from traditions across the globe. Home decor and furnishings fashioned by artisans and not robotic machines. Innovative craftsmanship that is not computer generated mass merchandise. Some of the skills that go into the antique reproductions exemplify the best use of local talent and resources. And when you appreciate the beauty of the art form do appreciate that some of these skills have been protected from the brink of oblivion. The cultural art forms we so proudly display in our homes are some of the finest examples of historic cultures.


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